Daniel Winston: Student of Computers

I am a 19 year-old Junior in Computer Science at the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder. Before I transferred to Boulder, I spent a year attending the University of San Francisco. To be quite honest, I'm surprised these Universities get away with their exorbitant tuiton given the lack of education they provide. The majority of my technological skill and knowledge came from personal research and stumbling. Regardless, it serves as a pedigree to a prospective employer that I'm not grossly incompetent. As a prospective employee, I guarantee you that I'm not grossly incompetent. Of course, those who can pass a technical assesment show a degree of ability. Yet that is hard to determine in the long run given how much test-prep Junior Developers spend on hackerrank.


Web Administration

nginx-based content serving and load-balancing


C++ and Java Applications


working towards a CEH and other cybersec certs